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Massage Service

Swedish Massage:
Our Swedish massage offers relaxation and stress relief to the body. The focus of this treatment is to increase oxygen flow to the blood and release toxins from the muscles. It offers gentle lengthening to the ligaments and tendons keeping them pliable and flexible all while promoting deep relaxation. Swedish massage is offered with lighter pressure than a deep tissue massage. Offering overall stress reduction in the body.
30 minutes…. $35      60 minutes…. $65      90 minutes…. $95

Aromatherapy Massage: Renew and feel revitalized! Our Aromatherapy massage is a gentle Swedish style massage with the addition of therapeutic essential oils. This all-natural massage treatment eases fatigue in the body while providing pain relief and increased energy. Adding essential oils to a massage therapy session promotes natural healing through the restorative properties of the essential oils. Choose from one of our oil blends or request a specific oil combination based on your body needs.
30 minutes…. $42    60 minutes…. $72    90 minutes…. $102

Hot Stone Massage: Harmonize and relax the body while easing muscle tension with our Hot Stone massage therapy treatment. During this massage the therapist uses smooth heated stones and Swedish massage techniques to relieve tight muscles, increase circulation, and promote blood flow to depleted and stiff muscles in the body. This is a restorative and rebalancing treatment for the body.
75 minutes…. $98    $90 minutes…. $118

Deep Tissue Massage: Target specific with medium to heavy pressure, our Deep Tissue massage therapy treatments are meant to release chronically tight muscles and patterns of tension in the body. This massage is aimed at working deep into the connective tissue to work though muscle tension, ease pain, increase range of motion, and release toxins. Techniques used in this massage are Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Positional Therapy.
30 minutes…. $45   60 minutes…. $80   90 minutes…. $110

Stress-Less Express Massage: Stress-Less is our express neck, shoulder, and upper back deep tissue treatment massage that is a 30-minute treatment, enough time to schedule mid-day on your lunch break, or even on your way home from work. Similar techniques are used as in our Deep Tissue massage with the addition of steam towels placed on your neck and back throughout the massage, to decrease joint stiffness, increase blood circulation, thus reducing soreness and pain in the muscles.
30 minutes…. $45

Happy Feet: Our Happy Feet foot massage is a combination of Foot Reflexology and Clinical Massage Therapy. After a short consultation and assessment of foot tension, heat therapy will be applied to the lower legs and feet using warm towels, gentle massage strokes will continue to warm up the tissue, while the therapist slowly begins to add more pressure and specific foot reflexology techniques
releasing tension, tightness and tired muscles in the lower legs and feet.
30 minutes…. $27    60 minutes…. $57

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